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From the start, all prospective clients receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA is provided as an assurance of complete confidentiality for all of our work together. We treat all of our conversations and any materials that you provide as strictly private and not to be shared with any third parties. In addition, you retain 100% ownership of your entire dissertation project.

Meet Dr. Dennison Bhola

Credentials: Ph. D., M. Ed., Dip. Ed., B.S.

Excellent Listener, Communicator, Accountability Partner

Expertise in Research Design

"One of the most daunting steps in finishing a doctoral program is the dissertation. Finding an idea, setting up the plan, getting it approved, doing the research, gathering the data, analyzing the data, writing the dissertation, and defending it leaves many students “All But Dissertation (ABD)”. Dr. Dennison Bhola, The Dissertation Doctor, can give you sound advice and assistance in every step of the process. He will begin by listening to you talk about your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and goals to develop the best plan for YOU. Dr. Bhola will help you gain confidence by helping you when you need help, encouraging you when you feel confident on your own, and doing everything possible to help you be successful. Graduating from the prestigious QQME program at UNL, Dr. Bhola is a lifelong educator who has expertise in measurement, statistics, and research design. Having worked and collaborated with Dr. Bhola for almost 30 years, I find him to be a superb listener, data analyst, and technical report writer. If the idea of a dissertation makes you queasy, call The Dissertation Doctor today for help. Do not leave your program ABD."

- Richard E. Harding, Ph.D.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Dennison Bhola to anyone working on their dissertation. He is a great listener and someone who can share ideas to help you transition from ‘struggling’ to successful. He knows the ropes and can help you communicate with a tough advisor. Dr. Bhola has expertise in qualitative and quantitative research designs, measurement, statistics, and technical writing.”

- Dr. Mary Hayes, Director of Research, ADP Research Institute - People and Performance

“My success in writing my thesis and receiving committee approval for my Doctorate can directly be attributed to the support I received from Dr. Bhola. His expertise in research design, question writing, assessment, and statistics is unmatched from my perspective of working with consultants over 40 years as an administrator in Nebraska.”

-Dr. Galen Boldt
Interim Superintendent
Tecumseh Public Schools, Nebraska.

"Dr. Dennison Bhola has been involved in supervising dissertations for a number of years on a wide academic field from education to the sciences. He has expertise in research design, assessment, and statistics, and is therefore able to help a doctoral student to conceptualize their ideas and analyze research data. This combination sets him apart as a dissertation advisor who can help a student through the entire dissertation process. You would find that Dr. Bhola is a very good listener and who is able to help you to clarify and rephrase your ideas in the best possible way. I highly recommend Dr. Bhola, as I have witnessed first-hand his effectiveness in guiding students through the dissertation process."

-Steve Mohammed, D. Pil., M.S.
Chief Academic Officer
OASIS Institute of Higher Learning

“With Dr. Bhola’s help, I managed to co-author and self-publish two education books in one year’s time.  Dennison listens carefully and understands how to help.  His conceptual prowess helped me organize complex subject matter into a reader-friendly format.  Regardless of where you start, he will help you work with your ideas while ensuring you learn and grow during the process.” 

- Michelle Piel, M.A.
Co-author of the Create Aha! Moments book series and Managing Partner, Psychometric Solutions. 

“Dr. Bhola is one of the most personable people I have ever known. He relates well to his customers and colleagues. He sees the positive in people and finds ways to bring out their strengths to help them succeed. I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Bhola on my team at the Gallup Organization and saw firsthand how he worked with and related to coworkers and clients alike. He is very customer-oriented whether they are internal or external and can explain issues in a language that everyone will understand.”

-Dr. Richard Harding
Retired Senior Vice-President of Gallup’s Selection Research Practice.

“I am excited to learn that Dr. Dennison Bhola and his team are launching The Dissertation Doctor service.  I have known Dennison for more than 20 years and have always admired his expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methodology and assessment. Doctoral candidates seeking consultation will definitely benefit from the research know-how of Dennison and his team. More importantly, as someone who was once mentored by Dennison and successfully completed my Ph.D. in psychometrics, I believe his passion for helping others succeed and his talent as a good listener will bring individualized and rewarding experiences to doctoral students who are eager to complete their dissertation proposal and dissertation defense.” 

-Yongwei Yang, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

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Who will I be working with?

You will be working primarily with Dr. Dennison Bhola. Members of the Psychometric-Solutions Research Team will be asked to share their expertise when needed.

What happens at my initial consultation call?

You will describe the status of your dissertation and any issues that you are facing. Dr. Bhola will ask questions to learn more about your goals. He will listen attentively, brainstorm ideas with you, and together you will begin creating an action plan. The action plan will include the next steps you can take towards reaching your goals and completing your dissertation.

How do I schedule a meeting?

Please use the automated appointment calendar to schedule our meetings at a time that works for you.

How do I become a client?

After your initial consultation, we will send you an email with a service agreement that includes a link to pay for services.

Does the service agreement address confidentiality?

Yes, all of our communication will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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