Teacher Hall of Fame

Teachers impact and influence us daily. Below are teachers that have been recognized as making a lasting impact on someone.


Thank you to Hinkitch Irvin Bell, 1981-1982. H.I Bell as he was fondly called, was a professional mentor that unselfishly shared his time, talent, skills and resources to make you better. He also challenged you to help others even while he was helping you. He implored us to used the following words by Willian Gannett 1890 as our guide “I shall pass this way but once, whatever good I can do, let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again.” With Sincere Appreciation, Larry Ramdin.

With gratitude for Gary VandenBerg (USA, 2020).  As my mentor, Gary (and his wife, Ardith) have helped me navigate many transitions through life.  Ardith’s friendship and kindness gave me strength when I was a new mom and she is still a true friend of mine.  After a career in the Air Force, Gary gave me a new job and helped me learn how to develop collaborative relationships.  Every day, Gary’s wisdom is a gift to me.  He taught me about leadership, appreciative inquiry, and gratitude for others’ many gifts.  Gary is one of the best Leadership Coaches ever because he lives true to his word.  Gary role models the leadership principles that we aspire to master.  Gary’s wisdom is with me every day, especially Servant Leadership.  I am grateful for your presence in my life.  Thank you, Gary!  Michelle Piel

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dennison Bhola and Dave Goorahoo (Trinidad, 1989-1990). I was not passing exams even though I knew the content. They both worked with me to rebuild my method of learning. Instilled self confidence in me. And, the result was success on my exams. Thanks my friends. Bless you both! We were all sharing an apartment at university at the time but Dennison and Dave taught me. With appreciation, Ian Mohan

With grateful appreciation for Mr. Shapiro (USA, 1975-76).  This amazing high school math teacher actually made Calculus I and II easy for me. He took such a difficult subject and made it understandable. It allowed me to easily pass Calculus in college but more importantly he gave me the confidence and skills in math and reasoning to have a lifelong career in Software Development. I am so grateful for his teaching ability in the hardest of subjects.  Thank you, Mr. Shapiro! I think about you still to this day.   Sincerely, Frank Joseph Barbato

With deep admiration for Harold Bernard MD (USA, 1986).  He gave me belief and ultimately helped improve my self-esteem. He fostered in me the importance of empathy and its role in medical care. Dr. Bernard was a wonderful teacher and humanitarian.  Thank you!  Orson Austin

In recognition of Grace Anne Bradshaw (Trinidad & Tobago, 2009). This teacher is a woman of vision. She shares her expertise and resources willingly. She sees the different talents in people and encourages them to use them in the sphere of education. As a Principal she was a kind and fair administrator. I learnt so much from her. Thank you! Gillian Mohammed

In recognition of Sister Colleen (Tampa, FL, USA, 2002). She was my 8th grade home room teacher, she was the first “cool” nun that played basketball with us and taught us religion could be interesting, nuns had lives prior to becoming nuns, and they dedicated their lives to educating the young. Thank you! Alexandra Caro

Mrs. Barclay ( Trinidad & Tobago, 1986) was my form teacher who taught English language in secondary school.  She was a mother figure, compassionate and cared deeply for her students holistically. She thought me to be compassionate about everything I do, and do it with pride and honesty–as well as instilling in us to always persevere no matter what the challenges were.   Thank you!  Shellima Ali

My sincerest appreciation for Helen Gerow (USA, 1968).  Ms. Gerow was my second grade teacher. I appreciated her because she treated me like I was special. (I suspect she treated all students that way.) One of my favorite parts of school was going to the library to check out three books to read for the week. The librarian would always “catch me” in the fifth grade section and steer me back to the “right area” for second graders to select books. Mrs. Gerow noticed what was happening and had a quiet chat with the librarian. From that day on I was allowed to pick out books that matched my reading capability. She was always individualizing her approach to meet each students’ needs. She was ahead of her time. Mrs. Gerow retired in 1984 from the Sturgis Public Schools (Michigan) where she had taught education for 39 years.  Thank you!  Wanda McIntyre

With gratitude for Richard Streckfuss (USA, 1992-1993).  The late Professor Streckfuss made a difference in my life – witnessed me graduating from College of Jounalism and Mass Communication of UNL without an easy grade under his mentorship. I had assignments that I kept repeating until I passed – some dragged to half of the semester which meant I repeated about seven times. He has a lot of patience and empathy for students who struggle to learn what he is teaching. His door is always open for students.  Thank you!  Yuk Peng Lee

Mrs. Cullum (Southlake Carroll High School) – Believing in me, introducing me to the business world, and encouraging me to do more. ~ Robyn Hatfield

George Mulrain – Dear Mr. Mulrain, now Rev. Dr. George Mulrain, thank you for picking me up after a brutal second year (with Mrs. R. who beat the living daylights out of us) and being kind and nurturing for all of your students. We still meet and talk about how nice you were to us. Personally, my experience was that you took a broken eight-year-old child and made me whole again. I will never forget your compassion and kindness. Thank you sir! – Dennison Bhola

Ms. Heather Martello exemplifies greatness (USA, 2018-19). She goes above and beyond to provide the tools each student need to express their individual needs and wants. During these uncertain times, Ms. Martello equipped her staff with white boards and the tools they need to help each student complete their work. It is so amazing to sit in on her Team meetings and see how amazing the rapport and communication goes between staff, students and parents. If I have to choose a teacher for my grandchild, I would choose Ms. Martello. She is bright, competent, articulate, and can teach. She gets the bigger picture. I would like to clone her. Meanwhile, I utilize her in all capacities to help realize my organization all mission and vision. Thank you! Susan Cruz

With sincere gratitude for Mr. David Sudama (Trinidad, 1984). Not only was he my uncle but he inspired me to keep challenging me to always improve myself no matter what. Thank you! Yeakaish Sudama

In loving memory of  Bro. Leigury of Presentation College, San Fernando.  The man who moulded me into an Add Maths devotee at the time. A remarkable teacher.  With appreciation, K. R. Rampersad (Trinidad, 1983-84)

With a grateful heart, I’d like to personally recognize my Standard 5 teacher, Mr. Deobhajan (Trinidad & Tobago, 1971) who developed my knowledge, skills and confidence as an eleven-year-old boy. And, whose vision and choice of secondary school led me to Presentation College where I made many lifelong friends including his famous nephew, Larry Ramdin. Thank you! Dennison

With sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dr. June George and Dr. Vena Jules (Trinidad & Tobago, 1988-89). Thanks you for making my Dip. Ed. experience a period of meaningful, exponential growth as a teacher. Thank you! Dennison